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Welcome to the Melton Enterprises Dental Resources section. Following is a list of tools and websites we strongly recommend for building, securing and optimizing your dental practice.

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Dental Information Security

Securing your computers is vital to insure the safety of your patients information and the continuing health of your dental practice.

You should allways install security updates to your software and operating systems as well as employ antivirus on all of your computers. Its also recommended that you use antimalware and firewalls to protect your computers even further. For more detailed information on security please see our blog posts on Security

Practice Anti Virus

For your practice you should look at security that protects your servers and workstations. Here are a few of the most popular small business solutions available.

Personal Anti Virus

If your looking for Anti Virus for your home PC we recommend the following.

Free Anti Virus

If you dont want to pay for Anti Virus there are free options. Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 come with Windows Defender built in and small businesses using Windows 7 can use Microsoft Security Essentials on up to 15 business PCs for free. The following are free but only licensed for Home PCs.

  • AVG
  • Avast
  • Avira
  • Bitdefender
  • Panda
  • Avast

Backup Your Data

HIPAA Compliant Backup Solutions

We have researched HIPAA compliant backup solutions for you. Below is a list of those we would use. If your looking for backup solutions for your personal PC we have added a few of them for you as well.

Improve Your Practice

We Are Here For You

We’ll research different tools, services and websites that can help you build a better dental practice.

HIPAA Compliant

The truth about HIPAA encrypted email requirements. A lot of people argue that HIPAA does not require email to be encrypted. Considering the entire tech industry is going to secure communications by default due to ever increasing hacking and governments snooping its appropriate to start using a HIPPA compliant encrypted email system. Prices of these systems have come down as well in recent years making their adoption more reasonable for smaller practices. We have spent a lot of time researching the different encrypted email providers for you. Following is a list of HIPAA compliant email providers:


You can have logos designed by professionals, pay less and get more design concepts by going through some of the interents crowdsourcing sites. We have put a few together for you to check out.

and App

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Our Clients

"Melton Enterprises has provided our IT support for the last several years. They have been responsive, knowledgeable, and very accommodating. They have given us excellent service at affordable prices which is critical to us as a non-profit organization."

Bonney Brown - Executive Director of the Nevada Humane Society

"Sala Family Dentistry has been with Melton Enterprises for over a year now. Sam Melton was a personal referral from a specialist’s office that we refer to often. Sam and Geno are always there when I need them and are available at a moment’s notice. They have our entire network of 20+ computers running smoothly and efficiently and thanks to them our office runs the same because we don’t have to worry about IT problems. I love having such a wonderful duo as a part of our professional team here at Sala Family Dentistry, they are not just our IT guys, they’re family. I wouldn’t trade Melton Enterprises for the world!"

Melissa H. - Sala Family Dentistry


Dental Information Technology

We are a full service computer support organization providing small and medium sized business a complete IT solution.

Melton Enterprises provides full-service on-site and remote IT solutions to its clients in the Reno Tahoe area. Our technicians are highly skilled, experienced and are able to support all of our clients’ technology needs. We are on-call around the clock, and guarantee emergency response times. Clients can trust our team to not only respond and resolve technical issues, but to develop long-term technology roadmaps. As a client, your company will receive a custom-developed technology plan to meet your specific requirements.

IT Services

Each business is different. Our program combines the standard IT needs of small and mid-sized businesses with the unique needs of your business. Our clients day-to-day IT needs are met with exceptional service.


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